If you are a grandmother or want to be one, this little book will amuse you and touch your heart. It will remind you of your own childhood and early years of parenting. Pauline writes as if you are sitting in her kitchen chatting over a cup of tea. I smiled as I read and continued to smile with each page. And you don’t just read this book; you listen to it.

If you are lucky, you can read this book in one sitting, immerse yourself in its warmth and humor and then sit back wrapped in your own memories. Then, look forward to the next magical visit with your grandchildren because, as Pauline Daniel says, when we are with our grandchildren “our hearts are fully engaged and we are being who we really are.”

In this beautiful book, so tenderly illustrated, you will learn that despite your grandparents and parents failings and because of their indelible spirits, you have absorbed the best of them while taking your own path to parenthood. You may have avoided some of their pitfalls and fallen into others but when you look into the mirror, you will see and, oh no, hear them in your voice, too. Pauline shares her wisdom and experiences openly and with candor and the love in every word is irresistible.

“Memories are time travel”, Pauline says, and I enjoyed every one. Umbrella strollers, blue baby carriages that double as day beds and carriage returns on our typewriters – I remember it all and felt right at home in each chapter! How my grandmother friends are going to enjoy this book.

Leslie Gibbons
Author of A Fairy Tale for Mothers