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The story continues…..

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TWJ is now on Facebook

Tuesdays With JackPromote Your Page Too

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Now that Jack is walking we want to add a little video of him last week groovin.

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An open letter to my son on his first birthday

Happy Birthday Buddy! Click here

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Good things come to those who wait

We have noticed a large increase in traffic lately and assume it is Jack’s many fans looking for Christmas and New Years updates.  We know that we missed our first Tuesday post after 50 consecutive weeks, but with the holidays … Continue reading

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A brief side note

As the regular visitors of TWJ will notice, the look of the site has changed drastically today.  Christmas is such a fun time of year, and we are looking forward to Jack’s first one so much, that I have decided … Continue reading

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November 10th, 2009 – Making up for last week / Halloween extravaganza

Well, life has been crazy and hectic lately, and we ended up a full week behind in getting Jack’s weekly photos added to his last blog post.  To rectify this situation we are going to post a double-sized batch of … Continue reading

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The Public Option

Jack found something this morning that he wants to share with his friends and family. It is an explanation of the public option that even he understands.

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Jack is Tweeting

Jack has been hooked up with his very own Twitter account.  You can follow him at  We will use this feature to update everyone on his doings and such more often than the once weekly blog posts.  These tweets … Continue reading

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September 12th, 2009 – Finally!

Dad here. Just wanted to share that after months of pawing at his face, acting grumpy, and 1 day shy of his 8 month birthday, when the little guy woke up this morning he had a shiny new tooth to … Continue reading

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