December 13th, 2011 – The Days of Our Lives. . .

Today marks only one month until Little Man turns three. It’s amazing how quickly time flies by. It’s amazing how much can happen in what feels like such a short burst of time. Mommy has been updating this blog every week, albeit late as of lately, but in the recounting of life in a week by week format, life doesn’t always seem to sail by. However, when you take into account how quickly all of those days, weeks, months, and years add together, the passage of time seems completely surreal.

This week, Mommy and Daddy celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. Just like it’s hard to believe that our little baby Jack-man will be turning three in just a month, it’s hard to believe that Mommy and Daddy founded this family five years ago. It doesn’t seem nearly that long ago. That’s even taking into account that we’ve been together for over seven years. They say that time flies when you’re having fun and that must be true because the last five years have been the best, most amazing years of Mommy’s life and it all kicked off with a beautiful White Christmas themed wedding five years ago on December 9th.

At that point in time, Mommy and Daddy hadn’t decided on if being a Mommy and a Daddy were in the cards for us. We were having so much fun as a couple that we couldn’t imagine sharing one another with another little being, let alone with another little being that would be as demanding as a child. What we did know was that we had found our best friend, our true love, and the one person we couldn’t live without. Of course, looking back on all of this now, with five years of perspective, it seemed inevitable that out of all that love the decision to have a child would be an obvious one. What can Mommy say, we were a little slow on the uptake, but once the decision was made, we had no doubts it was the right one.

The building of our family, the love we share, the fun we have, the memories we make, they are all experiences that, while shared by so many other families, are uniquely ours. Everything we do has a special spin that we put on it. Mommy and Daddy are not ashamed to say that we’re weird, dorky, and more than a little goofy, but that is who we are and that is the brand of family we’re building. Anything short of that would be disingenuous and just not us. Needless to say, our little Jackson Cooper fits in perfectly and we’re sure our Lil Miss will as well.

Our life is a never ending adventure that may not seem exciting or “normal”, but that’s us and we’re happy. Perhaps the only thing that would make Mommy and Daddy happier is if time would slow down a little bit, but that’s why we do our best to not rush from one thing to another, but to savor each moment as much as possible. So, with five years of marriage and nearly three years of Little Man, here’s to the goofy smiles, the dorky fun, but most importantly, the awesome love that fill our days and make them worth counting.

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2 Responses to December 13th, 2011 – The Days of Our Lives. . .

  1. aaawww… congratulations!!

  2. Daddy says:

    Love you sweetie :)

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