A Tribute . . .

It’s a no brainer to celebrate the wonderful moments it life. It makes perfect sense to document all of the blessings one experiences. Our family has been truly blessed over the years and these are blessings that we don’t take for granted. From our health to our beautiful son and the undoubtedly lovely daughter we have on the way, Mommy and Daddy are thankful from the bottom’s of our hearts. It’s the documenting of Jack’s life and the celebration of the blessings that we began Tuesdays with Jack. However, Mommy would be remiss if all I did was document and celebrate all of the happiness, but failed to pay tribute to the more difficult parts of life that also deserve the dignity of being remembered. One such event is the passing of Jack’s great grandpa and Daddy’s grandpa.

Over the past eleven months, Daddy’s grandpa battled cancer. It was during this period of time that both Mommy and Jack had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Grandpa Hight. While I’m sure Daddy has many wonderful memories to share with Jack when he is older, Mommy wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute by sharing a few of her own gleaned from a few family gatherings.

One of the most striking characteristics that sticks with me is the unconditional kindness I observed. Grandpa Hight was immensely affectionate whenever he saw Jack and always, even at his sickest, made sure that Jack was acknowledged and greeted with a big smile and genuine love. I have seen Little Man received in various situations by various family members and adults and only a select few have ever shown such consistent and sincere warmth. For that reason alone, he will always hold an important place in my heart and place of high esteem in my mind.

One of my favorite memories is of Jack running up to Grandpa Hight to tickle his feet or to bring him one of his favorite toy animals. Having made his career dealing in cattle, he was always amused when Jack would toddle up to him to show him his cow or his horse that he playfully referred to as “Old Paint” due to the horse’s coloring. “Whatcha got there?” he would ask, “Is that Old Paint?” to which Jack would nod his head enthusiastically. He didn’t think twice about stopping his conversation with whomever to pay attention to and play with Jack. The mark of a truly wonderful and natural grandfather.

There are many other wonderful memories I could recount, detailing what a fun and loving man he was, most of which are already chronicled in previous posts, but this was the single most heartwarming that Mommy wanted to make sure I imparted because I can’t think of a better way to honor man who meant so much to the people I love.

Loss is always very difficult, regardless of the circumstances, but I will always be forever thankful for the existence of Frank Hight and how he managed to foster a renewed sense of family for those who were open to it and the unconditional love and affection he showed our son. Those are gifts that can never be taken away and will always be treasured.


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