November 29th, 2011 – A Pie Hole Full of Pumpkin


Holidays in our home are always on the verge of controlled chaos. Between cooking, cleaning, shopping, and wrangling Little Man, it’s a wonder there aren’t more injuries, but this Thanksgiving was amazing, albeit one of us lost a piece of his pinkie in the process (Daddy).

This year Mommy and Daddy opted to host Thanksgiving at our house. With Lil Miss on the way, we’ve really been working on making sure this holiday season is super special for Jack and considering we’re such uber control freaks, Mommy and Daddy thought our place would be best. This of course meant that Daddy had a ton of grocery shopping to do and the house needed to be decorated for Christmas. Yes, yes, Thanksgiving is its very own holiday, but we’re such fans of Christmas around here, we like to have our decorations up for Thanksgiving. Plus, Mommy isn’t a fan of traditional birthday decorations, so, with my birthday falling on or around Thanksgiving every year, it works out nicely.

Over the course of a couple of days, we took our time decking the halls. Jack’s attention span and patience for the activity was fairly limited, he primarily enjoyed emptying the boxes of their contents and refilling them, so it took a lot longer than usual. Plus, we wanted to make sure it was fun. So, with holiday music playing, we began to craft our holiday season. Needless to say, Jack put his own spin on things. A personal favorite of mine was his interpretation of what one does with a cornucopia. . .

Given how incredibly cute he is, Mommy totally prefers this particular interpretation. I think that was his intention the entire time – to get me to give up the idea of a traditional cornucopia display. I’m almost certain he had designs on the plastic fruit and veggies that had resided his hat choice. How can Mommy resist those blue eyes? Jack now has his fake fruit. . .

Thanksgiving was a blast. Since Daddy is the culinary guru who masterfully plans and executes the feast, Little Man and Mommy just spent the day cleaning and spending time together. Occasionally Jack would saunter into the kitchen to catch a glimpse of what Daddy was chopping up or the mad whirlwind of food he was preparing.

The real excitement, however, occurred early on when Daddy was peeling potatoes. Apparently his pinky finger was feeling rather bad about participating in the activity and bravely sought to protect the skin of the Yukon Gold potato in his hand by sacrificing its own tip. Now, doesn’t that sound better than, Daddy is a klutz? I think so, but I digress. . .What resulted following this sacrifice was a lot of blood and band-aid searching, followed by the great antibacterial cream search with the entire event culminating in Jack doing his best to kiss the boo-boo better. In the past, Daddy’s boo-boos have been a point of great interest to Jack. Mommy thinks that is has a lot to do with the fact that Daddy tends to get more boo-boos than Mommy, despite popular family lore claiming Mommy is clumsy, but again, I digress. Whenever Jack sees that Daddy has a boo-boo, his first priority becomes kissing it all better, then “commenting” on the boo-boo for a few minutes. It’s incredibly sweet and cute. In fact, Jack will continue to comment on the boo-boo and look for it days after it has healed and disappeared. This time around, since Daddy has two pinkies, he would occasionally think Daddy was magic and had healed himself when he would mistake the healthy pinkie for the honorable, injured one.

Following the great potato debacle, the rest of dinner went off without a hitch. Daddy, per usual prepared a wonderful feast of a fabulous turkey, green bean casserole, butternut squash, cranberry compote, cream corn, and garlic mashed potatoes. To top off the whole meal were delicious rolls and pumpkin pie. Of course, Little Man’s favorite was the Cool Whip on the pie and the corn and mashed potatoes. Fortunately, the rest of the bunch, Oma, Papa, Aunt Ali, and Carson were more than happy to indulge in the rest. There was still plenty to go around so Daddy, being the thoughtful grandson, took a few plates of food over to his grandpa’s house. All was enjoyed. However, despite the yumminess of everything, Jack stuck with what he liked. . .

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with family. Mommy had put on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on in the playroom for the kids, but they seemed more happy to play Scene It with the adults. Cousin Carson was quite proud when he “won” the game. Yes, it wouldn’t be one of our holidays if we didn’t have the combination of great food and family fun. Of course, an added bonus was the laughter that took place following the realization that Aunt Ali has used a dark eye-liner as an eyebrow pencil resulting in a Groucho Marx makeover. . .


The holiday concluded with a visit from Aunt Shayla who was happy to see her little nephew. Jack, who was still riding high from his Cool Whip Thanksgiving, but was not about to turn down Aunt Shayla’s offer to share her slice of cheesecake. She was taking some yummy dessert over to her grandpa’s also. It was certainly a nice way to top off another Thanksgiving, even if Daddy was still missing part of his pinkie. By the time all was said done, Jack was a tuckered out Little Man.



The day following Thanksgiving, often called Black Friday, wasn’t a huge shopping day for us, but it was Mommy’s 29th birthday. I probably would have made more sense for me to turn the big 3-0 on Black Friday, but such is life. The morning started out great with Mommy being allowed to sleep in. After all of the turkey consumed the previous day, Mommy certainly appreciated the snooze session. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the best birthday gift ever, a Kindle Fire. Mommy loves getting neat gadgets, but this particular gadget is by far, my favorite because it does almost everything. Daddy and Jack are so great at picking birthday gifts for Mommy.

While hanging out at home was super awesome, especially when you have a fantastic gift to play with (Jack can certainly attest to this), we decided to head out to Babies R Us to take advantage of the day of deals in order to snag a few items we needed for Lil Miss, i.e. a frog shaped humidifier, bottles, and a baby sling. Jack, of course, enjoyed our trip. He’s always a huge fan of checking out baby items and Babies R Us in general. What made the trip even more special is that Jack has been making the connection between the sign for “baby” and what a baby is, so whenever we passed someone who had a baby or a picture of a baby, he was more than happy to point out and sign that he saw a baby. It was super cute. We finished up our shopping trip, headed out to pick up some sushi for Mommy’s birthday dinner, and headed home. It was a great day spent with my favorite people.

Speech in Progress

One of the fantastic developments in Jack’s speech this week has been his use of the word “no”. Up until now, Jack has pretty much be relegated to saying “ma”, “yeah”, or “yuck” and signing with outbursts of indistinguishable yells or various unique animal/machine noises. However, as if a connection was suddenly made, over the course of a few days, Jack went from saying “Oooh” and shaking his head to saying “no”. The word has now become a mainstay in his vocabulary. While most parents get annoyed with the arrival of this word and its constant use, Mommy and Daddy have been more than excited. Any expansion in Jack’s vocabulary is something to celebrated and thankful for, so its arrival was aptly timed.

Quick Jack Facts

  • One of Daddy’s favorite toys as a little boy were stuffed dogs. He didn’t have pets growing up, but Daddy has always been an animal person, so he was always happy to have one of his fluffy puppy companions in tow. He loved two in particular so much that he took exceptional care of them so he could give them to his own little boy. However, despite having quite the collection of stuffed animals from both Mommy and Daddy, Jack hasn’t been all too interested in playing with any of them. At least, not until this week.

    As is often the case, I was rounding the corner from the kitchen into the living room when I found Little Man doing something new: playing with some of his stuffed animal puppies. He was having them cuddle with each other and even treating them like real puppies, but ones who don’t run off in fear when confronted with extensive fascination and affection. The sight warmed Mommy’s heart and reminded me how much a little Jared our Jack can be. He is so much like his Daddy at times that it fills me with joy and awe because Mommy can’t think of a better man for Jack to be like than his own Daddy.









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