October 25th, 2011 – A Furry Entourage

In recent weeks Jack has become obsessed with our extensive furry family. He often refuses to go anywhere in the house without his little entourage. From time to time he’ll even beckon one of the pups into his playroom where he’ll shut the door behind him and the only sounds that can be heard are of that of crashing toys and laughter. Once the energy of one dog is spent, Jack will swap out the spent dog for a fully energized one and the games will begin yet again. The dogs don’t seem to mind because they’re happy to eat up any of the many crumbs that seem to follow Jack wherever he goes.

While all the dogs seem to be equally adored and throttled, when asked which dog is his favorite, he runs over to Pippi, hugs her, and kisses her on the nose. Of course his favorite would be Daddy’s least.

The other day, before Jack’s nap, the puppies were all laying in the sun in the dining room. Mommy told Jack that in a few minutes we would be going downstairs for a nap. Of course his response was to shake his head “no”, but then he laid down on the ground with the dogs in the sun and pretended to go to sleep. I asked him if he was going to take his nap there and he replied with nodding his head “yes” and laughing. He is certainly a goofy little kid, but so much fun.

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