February 22nd, 2011 – Ch-ch-ch-ch- Changes

This has been a big couple of weeks for changes. For Little Man, Mommy, and Daddy, life has been changing quite a bit and we’ve had to, as the song says, turn and face the strain. . .

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, Mommy has been working on weaning Jack from a bottle. This is something that should have been a year ago, but alas, Mommy wasn’t quite ready to let the last vestige of babyhood go the way of onesies. So, in place of bottles, Jack has been getting sippies of milk. Jack has been totally aware of this change, but hasn’t seem to be too phased by it. There were only a handful of occasion in recent weeks that Jack has needed a bottle. Slowly, week by week Mommy has been recycling Jack’s bottles until we were down to just one. Then, this past week, Jack saw the final bottle prior to nap time. I was a little worried because I feared if he saw this bottle, Jack would reject his sippy and demand his old friend. In fact, this is what seemed to happen at first. Jack insisted on carrying the various parts of the bottle downstairs as we headed down for a nap. Then, Little Man did something incredibly surprising and quite symbolic. He took the pieces to his bottle and systematically threw them away in the downstairs trashcan. He did this as if to say, “Mommy, don’t be silly. I’m a big boy now. I don’t need bottles. Apparently you need me to throw this away for you.” In fact, that is exactly what Mommy needed.

If only Jack’s reaction to the loss of his beloved paci had been so smooth. With Jack’s proclivity for chewing on his pacis rather than sucking on them, he started to work his way through a paci every one to two days. The paci math on that type of habit equals about $30 a week. As much as Mommy and Daddy wish we had pockets deep enough to supply Jack with his favorite comfort item, we do not. And so, it became clear it Jack had certainly reached the point at which the paci needed to go. To make things a little easier, Mommy oversaw the no-paci naptimes for a few days and then necessity required us to jump right into the no paci at bed time. This went over about as well as Mommy and Daddy has suspected. There wasn’t a shortage of tears, but thanks to the chewing grade rubber on the corner of a stuffed animal Jack has had since before he was conceived, the transition went a little smoother than it might have. So, here we are, a few weeks into this little adventure, and Jack is officially paci free. Thank the heavens!

Of course, during this process, a few concessions have been made. One such concession has involved bath time. It used to be that Jack would get his bath either before his afternoon nap or before his bedtime, depending on Mommy’s schedule and Jack’s need for a bath. Then, as we began weaning Jack Jack off of the paci, he started wanting multiple baths, one before his nap and one before bed. Mommy’s thinking was, “if this brings Jack comfort in a time of discomfort, I’m happy to concede”. So, Jack has been one well bathed babe in past weeks. However, over the past few days, Jack seems to be heading back towards the norm of one bath per day. It just depends on when he wants it, in the afternoon or in the evening.

Another concession, that Mommy certainly doesn’t mind making, is allowing Jack to read in bed at nap time. Jack has a special color book that he enjoys picking out various objects, like yellow bananas and red kites. It’s one of his favorite board books to have read to him and if ever he is in the midst of a total tantrum, if I can get his attention on the book, “Jack, where are the bananas?” he immediately calms down and starts pointing. After some cuddles and reading various Dr. Seuss books, Jack is ready to be put in his bed, but he wants his color book to come with him. He likes to sit in his bed and read for a little bit before he goes to sleep. This isn’t a bad thing in Mommy’s mind and certainly a habit that both Mommy and Daddy have both indulged in. So, God speed my son is the philosophy here. What’s even cuter than that is when Jack starts to show his little stuffed animals who occupy his bed with him, the various items on the pages. He is so adorable. It’s so heartwarming to see Jack picking up on one of Mommy and Daddy’s loves in life, books.

Of course, these aren’t the only changes Jack has been going through. It seems overnight he has just grown into an independent little guy who is thrilled to have the opportunity to do things for himself. Most recently, that means sitting in a regular chair around the dining room table with Mommy and Daddy. Jack has mastered climbing all the way up and climbing down. What’s impressive in addition that is Jack’s ability to sit still through meals, feed himself without too many calamities, and even refraining from hurling food. Given Jack’s latest grown up behavior, he is now completely booster seat free.

Yes, our darling little boy is growing up in so many ways. He’s growing up in ways that even Mommy wasn’t quite ready for, but such is the life of a Mommy and her Little Man.

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