January 11th, 2011 – Two Days Till TWO!!

The final countdown has begun! There are only two days left until our little Jackson Cooper turns two. Mommy can’t even believe it’s been two years. It seems like just yesterday we were planning Jack’s first birthday complete with monkey cupcakes. However, time does march steadily on and if there is one thing that I have noticed, is that with time comes maturity to even the smallest of growing creatures and this week, Little Man’s growth has been on display.

While Mommy has decided to put a halt on the potty training for now, a few new milestones have been reached this week. While Jack probably should have parted ways with his bottle long ago, Mommy had a hard time weaning Jack from the last vestige of his baby status. But, after a long talk with Daddy, Mommy realized that the time had come to move forward. Since Jack had been handling sippy cups at nap time as part of our routine, it was only a matter of doing the same before bed. To help with the transition, I took over the rocking duties, like I do at nap time when Daddy isn’t home. Much to Mommy and Daddy’s surprise and delight, Jack took the no bottle bit like a champ. He didn’t fight us, he didn’t scream, he didn’t even make a peep after we put him down for the night. It’s been nearly a week, and hopefully this won’t jinx us, but it appears that Jack is done with bottles. Mommy is a little sad that her baby is no longer a baby, but as Daddy pointed out, he can’t very well go off to college with bottle a night habit.

Jack has also been sleeping more soundly, which seems to have a lot to do with the implementation of a new schedule/routine devised by Jack.

7:30 AM – 8:15 AM Jack wakes up. After Jack wakes up, Mommy lets Jack pick out what he’s going to wear that day. Some days he’s in the mood for sweat pants and a t-shirt, while other days he’s in the mood for jeans and a fleece (he’s definitely taking after Daddy). We put on his shirt, socks (right, then left), and then his pants. From there we toddle out to the kitchenette portion of the downstairs where we brush our teeth. Jack then deposits his dirty clothes in the dirty laundry hamper and his diaper in the Diaper Genie. From there, we sally forth to the upstairs where Jack gets his sippy full of water and a yummy cereal bar that Mommy made from scratch for her Little Man. Sesame Street commences and Mommy drinks her morning coffee while waiting for Jack to want to cuddle.

After Sesame Street Jack and I usually spend some time playing, if he’s in the mood for playing with Mommy, or we go our separate ways. Depending on the day, Jack may want some yogurt as a mid morning snack before returning to his cars, blocks, and other playroom toys. If that’s the case, we will go into the kitchen, Jack will pick which yogurt he wants, and then proceed to his chair. Then, depending on Jack, I will either feed Jack the yogurt or he will feed himself while working on this particular skill set. Mommy and Daddy recently moved the dining room mirror that was directly in front of Jack’s chair because he couldn’t seem to avoid being painfully distracted by himself during meals. This became incredibly counterproductive.

Between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM, Jack is tugging at my hand to pull me towards the kitchen to indicate that he is ready to go downstairs and begin the nap time routine. So, we toddle downstairs with a sippy full of milk in tow. After some running around, a diaper change, getting into some comfy nap time garb, and reading a few stories, Jack will point to his bed indicating it is time for sleep. And so, Jack sleeps for about 2 hours.

Around 2:00 PM Jack begins to chatter away in his bed to indicate he is ready to join the wakeful world. So, Mommy greets Jack with a big smile and warm hug and I quietly ask how his nap was. He gets dressed and back up the stairs we march for lunch. Lunch is followed by the washing of Jack’s hands in the bathroom sink, some cuddle time, then more play time.

At 4:00 PM Mommy begins to work on dinner. Jack, depending on his mood, will either play in the living room with the dogs, sit in the kitchen playing with his letter magnets on the fridge, or try his best help Mommy with dinner. If all goes well, we’re ready to eat by the time Daddy gets home at 5:15.

After dinner, Jack is usually ready to head downstairs. This is indicated by his now famous hand tug. Jack may not be speaking a whole lot, but he is certain to make his wants known. So, around 5:45 PM we head downstairs for bath time. Tonight, while we were walking down the stairs, I began to say, “Bath, bath, bath, bath” in a singing sort of way. Jack then proceeded to try and jump down each stair or at the very least stomp down each stair while exclaiming, “Ba! Ba! Ba!” they way I had. It was incredibly cute.

From there, we head into the bathroom where I begin to run the bathwater complete with bubbles. Usually there is some music playing during bath time or I will sing a song for Jack like, How Much is That Doggie in the Window and Old McDonald. By 6:20 or 6:30, Jack is ready to get dried off and put on his pjs. This process includes help from Daddy as Jack is dotted with bits of skin cream, slathered in lotion, put in pjs, hair combed, teeth brushed, and put in a sleep sack.

Then, depending on what Jack wants, we either hang out downstairs for a little bit or we proceed to his bedroom where Jack drinks his sippy of milk and cuddles with Daddy while Mommy reads a story. We have been reading from The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but lately we’ve been taking a break and I’ve been reading various Dr. Seuss stories. Jack’s favorite is The Sneetches. After the story and milk, Jack points to his bed to indicate he is ready to go to sleep. So, Mommy and Daddy give Jack a kiss on his head, tell him how much we love him, and wish him sweet dreams. I turn off Jack’s Winnie the Pooh lamp as Daddy sets him into bed and tucks him in. We then leave his room, quietly closing the door behind us. And that is a fairly typical day with Little Man.

Of course, the days are dotted with special moments, like when we watched Shrek over the weekend, in the scene where Shrek is wrestling with knights, slamming them and himself around a ring, Jack became completely enthralled and began hurling himself in a similar way on our lounger and couch. He was bouncing from furniture to furniture. There is also the moment that Jack discovered he can tickle Mommy the way that I tickle him. After a bath one evening, I was tickling Jack and then he out of the blue started to tickle me under my arms. As I began to giggle and squeal, Jack lit up and a new game was born. Yes, Jack loves to tickle almost as much as he enjoys being tickled.

But, no week would be complete without a special meal time moment. This week includes a few. Jack’s little Woody doll from the movie Toy Story, will occasionally accompany Jack in the morning while he eats his cereal bar. When I checked in on him, Jack was taking a bite of the cereal bar and then offering a bite to Woody. This was so terribly cute Mommy could hardly contain herself. While there is rarely a non cute moment with Little Man, he does have moments in which I worry about future implications. One such moment was during dinner the other night when he began to pretend to burp after each bite. Now, while this was cute in the moment, because he doesn’t adore a burping toddler, I can only imagine the Shrek like scene at future meals if this is a habit he decides to keep.

The most exciting event this week, for Jack anyhow, was when we took a trip to Toys R’ Us. Mommy and Daddy are in the midst of making birthday plans for Jack and Mommy needed a trip to a toy store to finalize our pick for his birthday present. Jack just loved being around all those fun flashing lights and things that make noises. He was in a pretty good mood and didn’t even protest too much when we left empty handed. In fact, he seemed happy to have just had the experience.

The week ended with a quick visit from Janae and Kiera. They will be out of town for Jack’s birthday, so they wanted to make sure he had his gifts before they left, which was incredibly thoughtful. As usual, Janae and Kiera picked the cutest gifts to give! Jack received a birthday balloon, some Caillou stickers, a CD of children’s songs, a Toy Story poster for his playroom, a cute little outfit, and a Toy Story 3 pillow/book. We wish they could be at Jack’s party we have planned for this Saturday, but Jack and I were thrilled to see them today.

Yes, time flies and before we know it Jack will be in high school. I couldn’t fathom a day in which Jack would be a year old, let alone two days away from being an official preschooler. Mommy and Daddy were just too entranced on the day he was born to see beyond his smallness and his mere presence. To have Jack, as I say time and time again, is a beautiful adventure and I only hope he knows just how much Mommy and Daddy love him and look forward to celebrating his life, not just on his birthday, but every day in between.

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One Response to January 11th, 2011 – Two Days Till TWO!!

  1. Sharon Cavanagh says:

    Happy Birthday Jack!! You have grown so much, and have become a handsome young man, You are getting cuter every day. Your Aunt Jentry and I love you very much and wish you the best for the coming year. We miss you and can’t wait to see you again!!

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