October 12th, 2010 – A Roll in the Hay

For the first time in a few weeks Little Man and the fam headed out into the great wide world together. And where did we go? We went to a farm to indulge in the finest of Fall festivities, a pint size petting zoo, a miniature hay maze, and a hay ride. Mommy and Daddy had the best of intentions when it came to the planning of this outing, but we quickly learned that Jack has a well defined comfort zone and country living doesn’t seem to be part of it . . .

Mommy and her best friend JaNae had been planning on getting together to go to a local farm with Jack and Kiera for over a month. Then Mommy decided this would be a fun trip to include Daddy in, so on Saturday we all headed out to Linder Farms to meet up with JaNae, Kiera, and Michael (JaNae’s hubby and Kiera’s daddy). As tends to be our M.O. we were running about a half hour behind schedule. By the time we had arrived, JaNae had already treated us by paying our way into the farm and buying tokens for various activities. She is such a sweetheart like that.

The first activity in which we attempted to let Jack frolic involved a corn pit. Yes, yes, it was precisely as it sounds, a small pit enclosed by hay and filled with small children and dry corn. Daddy started to lower Jack in to give him the opportunity to mingle with other children wallowing in corn, including Kiera, but his feet didn’t even have a chance to touch a kernel before he started to cry. Despite Jack’s desire to be a farm animal the fun appears to be in the theory rather than the actual application.

Following Mommy and Daddy’s corn pit miscalculation we decided to head over to the miniature hay maze. Again, this was precisely as it sounds, a small maze constructed out of bales of hay. Kiera ran through like a little pumpkin on a mission. Jack and Daddy sauntered out to the middle where Jack became fixated on the hay and Daddy fixated on putting hay in Jack’s hair. It was serious fun. Jack didn’t even mind that he didn’t make it past the middle.


Following the hay maze all six of us descended on the hay ride. We thought it would be a fun activity for all of us to jump up on a wagon being pulled by a tractor and see the sites of the pumpkin patch and a working farm. This experience was a ton of fun when our little pumpkin wasn’t completely freaked out. So, we rode all the way around the farm, at one point Michael and Kiera jumped off to pick a pumpkin, and decided that maybe next year when Jack is a little older we’ll try picking a pumpkin of our own.

Upon our return to the front of the farm, we noticed that the pint size petting zoo was open. If nothing else we knew that Jack would get a kick out of feeding little baby animals. Inside this zoo were goats, a cow, a llama, sheep, lambs, small pigs, wallabies, bunnies, and even a camel. Since it was 4 in the afternoon and these animals had spent the better part of the day gorging themselves on the pellets patrons had been dispersing in exchange for some fur time, most of them seemed less than interested in what we were dishing out. However, we were able to rely on the sheep to eat out of the palm of Jack’s hand and goats to elicit confusion.


All things considered it was a good trip. We learned that Little Man isn’t so much a country boy at this stage of the game, but he still adores all animals that will give him the time of day, this includes goats, sheep, and even Mommy and Daddy.

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One Response to October 12th, 2010 – A Roll in the Hay

  1. Sharon Cavanagh says:

    Looks like you all had a very fun day! The pictures are so great. Love and miss you all. Keep the pictures coming.

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